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Our 2000 Activities:
The chapter is financially stable and has been fortunate to have dynamic Board members. The organization has about 120 members who are artists, art historians and curators. Many of these members are very active in local and regional art activities.

The South Bay Bookies, a Special Interest Group led by Jone Manoogian, produced the exhibition, Book Nooks: An Interactive Environment for Exploring Artistsı Books at WORKS/SJ in San Jose, CA. It featured handmade books and book-related art by 69 Bay area artists. Over1000 visitors attended the April exhibition.

Demetra Paras and Sarah Ratchye were the curators for four solo exhibits of membersı artwork at the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Serra House, Stanford University. Members whose artwork was shown are Martha Castillo, Linda Fillhardt, Saelon Renkes, and Alayne Yellum.

The chapter is participating in a collaborative effort to provide visibility for womenıs artworks with the Mid-Peninsula YWCA of Palo Alto. Carmela (Conni) Rizzuto coordinates this effort. The inaugural exhibition for artworks by three of our chaptersı members began on November 6, 2000. It featured artworks by Jade Bradbury, Linda Fillhardt, and Kate Curry.

Members participated in the regional WCA exhibition, The Female Gaze, held at Ohlone College Art Gallery, Fremont, CA.

Approximately 25 members participated in group or solo exhibits of their artwork at a variety of venues both locally and nationally.

Two general membership meetings (May 21 and October 15, 2000) and a holiday social (December 10, 2000) were held.

Sarah Ratchye and Rebecca Palmer hosted an impromptu gathering, "Show Your Stuff". Members were invited to bring a recent artwork and to network with other members.

The Board of Directors held five regular meetings. The Board conducted a survey of all members in July. Members were queried regarding their preferences for future activities for the chapter. A summary of the results was published in the chapterıs Newsletter. Findings have been used to plan activities for 2001.

The Julia Bradshaw, editor of the chapter's Newsletter, produced five issues.

The journal, (detail), was published under the guidance of the editor, Christine Laffer. The Silicon Valley Arts Council awarded the chapter a grant to partially support the publication of the journal.

Nanette Wylde and Saelon Renkes maintained the chapter's web site, which includes information about the chapter, a calendar of events, an online version of (detail), a gallery, and portfolios of members' artworks.

The chapter served as the umbrella agency for Lifelines, a project conceived and implemented by Nina Koepcke and Lois Stewart. The video documenting their project was featured at the October general membership meeting.

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