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Goals and Evolving Mission
Create a community of book artists who support, mentor, laugh, cry, encourage creativity and celebrate with each other.

Nurture the artistic growth and talents of book artists through sharing ideas, techniques, resources, research and enlightenment.

Expand horizons in the book arts by making books, organizing exhibitions and maintaining and furthering an awareness of the greater community of book artists and book arts.

Educate the public about the uniqueness of the book arts as a cultural force, enjoyable activity and experiential art form.

To be an organization of volunteers who respect diversity, honor the contributions of others, take risks and enjoy what we do.



The Bay Area Book Artists is a group of independent free-thinking contributors bound together by volunteer chairpersons. Communication is done by email and this web site. Minutes are taken at business meetings.

Chair: Julia Bradshaw
[email protected]

Demo Chair: Laura Mappin
[email protected]

Critique Chair: Jone Small Manoogian
[email protected]

SBAWCA Board Representative : Diane Cassidy
[email protected]

Membership/ Treasurer Chair: Susan Prather

Web Communications: Eileen McGarvey
[email protected]



In 2001 energy was put toward assisting the Triton Museum in putting on a major book arts exhibition, "Books as Art: Art as Books" which included both juried works and works by invited artists. Jone Small Manoogian and Jade Bradbury-Kalogeros juried the exhibition and gave wonderful talks at the opening reception. Triton curator, Susan Hillhouse, also spoke at the reception.

Jade designed and directed the installation. BABA members helped with everything from building the furniture to providing demonstrations at a special evening workshop. A "Triton Community Book Arts Project" was created on-site throughout the exhibition. Thanks to Jone and Conni Rizzuto the book is bound and resonates with community spirit.

Transcript of talk given by Jone Small Manoogian
Transcript of talk given by Jade Bradbury-Kalogeros

A combination of Jone Small Manoogian's leadership and the group's vitality have resulted in the growth of BABA to about fifty members. All share a passion for art and books.

After each exhibition we evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the show. The members of the SBA Book Group (which by now was named "the Bookies") decided to have a show in which people could sit down to comfortably read the books. The Bookies wrote and proposed a major exhibition for the year 2000 at Works/San Jose. Upon acceptance of the proposal we spent a good part of 1999 and early 2000 preparing for this large-scale public event.

Our April 2000 exhibition at Works/San Jose was named "Book Nook: An Interactive Environment for Exploring Artists' Books". We transformed the gallery space into a huge living room with couches, chairs, tables and lamps. Over 1000 visitors attended the exhibition including 300 at our opening reception "Mad Hatter Tea Party". Public events surrounding the exhibition included lectures, demonstrations, hands-on collaborative bookmaking, school class tours and lots of community engagement. It was not unusual for visitors to spend hours at the exhibition, many coming back several times.

Each show presented by the South Bay Bookies has enlarged on the theme of making artists' books more easily accessible to the public who has responded with enthusiasm and interest to this rapidly growing medium for presenting artistic expression.

The year 2000 was filled with active meetings that include demonstrations, book sharing, critiques, announcements about the book arts, and success stories by members. In fall of 2000, the group decided to change the name from "Bookies" to "Bay Area Book Artists." The BABA logo was designed by Kent Manske.

With energies focused on organizing new exhibitions, the Bookies did not attempt to produce any shows in 1999. Jan Rindfleisch of Euphrat Gallery at DeAnza College included work by many of our members in two shows sponsored jointly by the Euphrat Museum of Art and the Sunnyvale Center for the Arts. Both shows were well attended and members work given high acclaim.

Our second show at the Los Gatos Museum of Art, January 1998, added an additional feature besides allowing the books to be handled. Included on the walls, were paintings from another artist's retrospective exhibit. We discovered that the combination of books as sculptural objects played off very well against the art work on the walls.

Our third show, "Bound to Amaze You", held at Koret Gallery in Palo Alto in October/November 1998 again engaged the walls by having each artist provide wall art that was either the inspiration for or a derivation from the books displayed on tables. We also included poetry readings by six of our artists and live dulcimer music provided by Harry Ely which added ambiance to the gallery atmosphere.

The first book show presented by the SBAWCA Book Group was on October 19th, 1997 at the Cubberly Art Studio's in Palo Alto. We elected to have the public handle the books with white gloves and thus titled the show "A White Glove Affair." Over 300 people attended our 3 hour exhibition.

In the summer of 1995, five artists interested in books, decided to form an Artists' Book Group. Under the leadership of Jone Small Manoogian, the group quickly swelled to around 28 members. Jone's bookbinding demonstrations and participation in the 1996 SBAWCA Evening Lecture Series set the stage for other artists to share their ideas, techniques and passion.