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Comprehensive Book Arts Sites/Links
The Book Arts Web
This site has it all! Galleries, links and a list serve of 1200 members which you can join or just search the archives for tips and tricks of its very knowledgable members.

Colophon Page
"Colophon Page's primary focus is the world of 20th century illustrated books in all its variety - livre d'artiste, contemporary illustrated, avant-garde and artists books..."

Janet Maher Book Arts Links
A comprehensive list of links related to book arts and book artists.

Book Information Website
Their introduction says it best: "This website is devoted to all aspects of books, bookarts, bookhistory, letterpress printing, fine printing, bookschools, book and paper restoration and conservation, paper and papermaking, bookartists, bookbinding and bookbinders, antiquarian books, booksearch services, book auctions, individual bookdealers, manuscripts, pop-up books, and history of printing. A site with little multimedia gimmicks but specialized in offering information about the history and art of printed communication."

Kinga Britschgi's Book Arts and Related Links Art

Book and Paper Arts for Kids
Tanya DiMaggio, a children's librarian at Chicago Public Library and a student of hand papermaking, bookbinding, and the book arts in general created this wonderful site full of excellent resources for kids (and adults!).

Professional Organizations, Guilds and Societies (top)
San Francisco Center for the Book
In keeping with its mission, the San Francisco Center for the Book provides the Bay area with a unique combination of community and resources. The center offers exhibits, classes and workshops and many free events and lectures.

The Center for Book Arts, New York City
Publications, on-line exhibits,and links. Classes and workshops are offered for those in the New York City area.

Minnesota Center for the Book
Not much for the online visitor; lots of resources and services offered but most are for those in the area. Would be a great place to visit if you were in Minneapolis.

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
This site has many links and a list of mailing lists that can be joined to discuss various aspects of the book arts. Classes and workshops offered throughout Canada

The Miniature Book Society

The Guild of Book Workers
"...the national non-profit organization for all the book arts... Areas of interest include bookbinding, printing, conservation, marbling, calligraphy, and papermaking.

Schools and Universities offering Book Arts (top)
Foothill College
Excellent classes taught by BABA book artist and printmaker, Kent Manske, include "The Book as Art", digital and traditional printmaking as well as classes in design and visual communication.

Univ of Idaho Bookarts

Columbia College
Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
Lots of great links

Paper, Bookmaking Supplies and Books (top)
About Paper
An extensive guide to information about paper.

Paper Glossary
An extensive guide to information about paper.

This to That
Information on how to glue anything to anything!.

Book Central: Books on Book & Paper Arts
Features an unbelievable selection of books on the Book Arts, including all of Keith Smith's books.

Bookmaking supplies, kits, tips and techniques

Artistic Enhancements
Assortment of beautiful papers and collage materials

European Papers
Some unusual items here with more being added as the site is updated. Collage materials, vintage papers and more. Classes offered for those in Columbus, Ohio.

Fascinating Folds
Paper arts supplier. Many types of papers and embellishments and lots of tips, techniques and information.

Assortment of beautiful handmade papers, including vellum.

Paper Habitat Decorative Paper and Arts
Fantastic assortment of papers, book cloth and book making supplies.

Gigabooks Hand Bookbinding Supplies

Himilayan Art and Paper Gallery
Handmade tree-free and recycled papers

Twinrocker Handmade Paper
Every size, style, weight and color imaginable. Swatch sets available, no minimum order.

Art Store Online!Artist Papers and Bookbinding
Wide selection of beautiful papers from Egypt, India, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal, and the United States. Also carries bookbinding supplies.

Tutorials and How-to's (top)
The Book Arts Web- Book Arts Tutorials
Great information for teaching the book arts to kids.
Some tutorials and lots of resources.

Book Arts Discussion Groups and Swaps
new is ... "where we try experiments in Land Mail (also known as Snail Mail), to see if we can find new ways for people to interact and communicate...These are objects that anybody can make: notebooks, photo albums, boxes, mix tapes, that are sent all over the world, to anyone that signs up for them here, and finally returned to their original owners. "

1000 Journals Experiment
"The1000journalproject is an independent, privately funded social experiment. It is an attempt to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels, to see where they go, and what people do with them. ...The goal is to provide methods for people to interact and share their creativity. If you ask a kindergarten class how many of them are artists, they'll all raise their hands. Ask the same question of 6th graders, and maybe one third will respond. Ask high school grads, and few will admit to it."

"twenty people made twenty things each in twenty days.
then we swapped. we had two groups for the first swap,
and we'll be having more, soon. Sign be
notified of the site launch and upcoming swaps."

Books and boxes
"This topic-only list is for people interested in creating and/or decorating small (no dimension greater than 6") books and boxes. All related topics up for discussion, such as rubber stamping, embellishing, collage, calligraphy, journaling, polymer clay, the list goes on. Anything that can be used to make or decorate a book or box is fair game but, please, no chitchat. Swaps are encouraged and there will be a ongoing virtual swap."

"This club is for discussion of book-making and paper-type arts. Bookbinding, papermaking, marbling, altered books, and other topics related to book crafts will be discussed here. We also have swaps and exchanges to share our art with one another. Please check under the DATABASE section to see swaps that are currently being held."

Lofi book trade
the books we make are not artist's books in the traditional sense of the term; rather, they come from a zine perspective. Please email if you would like more information. This is a list for people who make art zines, prints, low-budget art books, or any other such things related to the world of book arts, to exchange projects with others who have similar interests. This is also a discussion list for book arts-related topics. By joining this list you will be expected to participate in at least some of the book trades -- that's the only way it can work! If you don't have time to do this, please reconsider your subscription, or email me for more info. ([email protected])

Bookmaking History and Information (top)
A Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
On-line exhibit highlighting The Koninklijke Bibliotheek, a Dutch treasure-house of books and manuscripts from many centuries." In the present publication one hundred of its finest and most interesting objects are shown and interpreted, objects which, except for temporary exhibitions, hardly ever leave their bookcases or cabinets because they are so extremely vulnerable."

Wellesley College Library - Women in the Book Arts
Exhibition of women book artists

Book History Online
"BHO is a database in English on the history of the printed book and libraries. It contains titles of books and articles on the history of the printed book worldwide...The database contains more than 24,500 records. The files can be searched by names of authors, editors, title words, classification, geographical keywords, names of persons (printers, publishers etc.), firms and institutions, and by titles of periodicals."

Related Subjects (top)
Fiji Island Mermaid Press
Artist's Book Club. "Love artist's books? Interested in both the thrill of the unknown and the satisfying feeling of being a member of a very select group? ... subscribe to FIMP's Artist's Book of the Month. For only $25 a year you will receive one original artist's book every month, in a very limited edition. Or you can buy any individual month's book for $3.00."

Dog Eared Magazine
A journal of book arts

The Muse On-line Art Zine
A little bit of everything.

Printmaking Links

Handpress printers and their work for sale


"Explore the alternative fringe of bookmaking." Ed Hutchins' Guerilla bookmaking philosophy, books and workshops.

Letter and Paper Arts -
Good resource - covers lots of areas related to the book arts.

Redstick's Paper Arts
Lots of interesting information here that covers papers and decorative techniques related to them.