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Meetings 2002
Business meetings include artist's presentations,
demonstrations and provide a fun opportunity to meet and share with other book artists.

If you would like to give a member showcase at a future meeting of BABA please contact me on 408-395-3065 or email [email protected] or contact Laura Mappin by email [email protected] for demonstration suggestions.

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Meetings 2002
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BABA Membership Business Meetings 2002  

All meetings start at 7:30pm and will take place in studio U7 at Cubberley.
Julia Bradshaw, meeting chair

Thursday February 7th
Thursday April 4th
Thursday June 6th
Thursday August 1st
Thursday October 3rd
Thursday December 5th

Critique Group Meetings 2002

All meetings start at 7:30pm.
Jone Small-Manoogian, meeting chair

Thursday March 7th (at Diane Cassidy's)
Thursday May 2nd (venue TBA)
Thursday July 4th (venue TBA)
Thursday September 5th (venue TBA)
Thursday November 7th (venue TBA)