A Journal of Art Criticism
Published by the South Bay Area Women's Caucus for Art

CyberIsms: Voice, Identity & Communication in the Virtual Realm, Volume 7, Number 1, 2001

Volume 7, Number 2 Web Version

Volume 7, Number 2 PDF (1497k)

Artists in Relation to the Landscape, Volume 6, Number 2, 1999
  • In The Outside by Paulette Peterson
  • Consuming Prospects: The Work of Robin Lasser by Christine Laffer
  • A Feminine Approach to Landscape by Julia Bradshaw
  • Portrait of a Landscape by Nancy Grieves
  • Notes on a Landscape: Beauty, Personal Views, Political News by Rebecca Palmer
  • On a Grand Scale: Landscape Photography by Teresa Hauge Giovanzana

Volume 6, Number 2 Web Version

Volume 6, Number 2 PDF (1643k)


Self-Inventory and The Other, Volume 6, Number 1, 1998
  • Baya Mahieddine: An Arab Woman Artist by Sana` Makhoul
  • An Interview with Terry Acebo Davis by Victoria Alba
  • A Hard RainAn English Ballad by Willa Briggs
  • The Canary and the Art Song by Margaret Stanton Murray
  • The Force of Art: A Catalyst for Change by Maxine Solomon

Volume 6, Number 1 Web Version

Volume 6, Number 1 PDF (1853k)

The Importance of Lightness, Volume 5, Number 2, 1998
  • In Search of the Pink Paradigm by Helen Wood
  • Light as a Cloud by Risë Krag
  • The Unbearableness of Being Without Light by Susan Leibovitz Steinman
  • A Little Teapot's Message by Alayne Yellum
  • Humor as a Subversive Force: Observations on Context and Intent by Nanette Wylde
  • On Wednesday the Fog Rolled in by Robin L. Giustina
  • Taking It 'Lightly' by Andree Thompson
  • Earthbound To Winged by Barbara Sandrisser

Volume 5, Number 2 Web Version

Volume 5, Number 2 PDF (960k)

Dreams and Fantasies, Volume 5, Number 1, 1997
  • The Harem as a Site for Sexual Fantasy in the Work of Vera Willoughby by Lisa Lodeski
  • The Western Bias for Latin American Fantastic Art by Elizabeth Gómez
  • Crossing the Threshold: Mimesis into Fantasia by Cynthia Rostankowski
  • A Woman Unclothed by Christine Laffer
  • Women Artists' Dreams of Flight by Terri Cohn,
  • Deep From the Well by Barabara Leventhal Stern
  • An Artist's Fairy Tale by Leah Lubin
  • Mystical Participation: The Works of Ruth Eckland and Kui Dong by Demetra Paras

Volume 5, Number 1 Web Version

Volume 5, Number 1 PDF (544k)

Public ArtWhose Art? Volume 4, Number 2, 1997
  • Post-public Art: the Hidden Underside Bureaucracy and the De-glamorization of an Artistic Process by Lori Kay
  • Corporate Art as Public Art An Emerging Venue for the Emerging Artist by Sydell Lewis
  • A Proposed Project for the Baylands Nature Preserve by Robin McCloskey
  • Beyond Studio Walls: An Artist Takes Up the Challenge of Art and Collaboration by Glen Rogers Perrotto
  • A Critical Model for Public Art: Proposing Criteria to Assess its Social Benefits by Patricia Sanders
  • There for the Taking A Public Place and an Artist Who Accepts Its Offering by Pablo Diego Viramontes

Volume 4, Number 2 Web Version

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