On Wednesday the Fog Rolled in

by Robin L. Giustina

Don't let them lay the blame on you for their lack of defiance in a world that seems on
Tuesdays and Thursdays to be
the same
the same
the same day should never take place because each person with
two eyes and a brain shaped similarly
can never be the same
The math is a simple equation that adds up to a number that I cannot begin to imagine
each person makes a mark that makes another person
who painted on Sunday
Grandpa taught me to draw horses
a shape a shape a line a tail.
Grandma made hooked rugs out of old wool suits and canned the fruit your mother
bore you
into a wild frenzy of bright paper cutout scraps of
cavorting nudes in the kitchen
we make it make it make shapes with colored dough on Saturday
To become an artist describe events through
eyes ears nose finger tips
but never think
that what you have to say
is the same
the same
the same like the freeway that brings me here.
Because on Wednesday the fog rolled in and changed the light that made everything seem
the same but wasn't
Then it was Monday I don't know how
sit up sit up push up
to build muscles of steel will
to slap that paint slap that paint slap that red paint around
I tell ya tell ya tell ya
to listen to
only yourself no one is you 


Robin L. Giustina is a Sacramento artist who writes poetry to go with
her paintings. She has discovered that words and colors have much in common.

The Importance of Lightness

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