by Trudy Myrrh Reagan

Myrrh, Quest, watercolor with incised white lines, 1987.

There is a certain burden to having to figure out, each for ourselves, our place in the universe. I was struck by the dedication of scientists to their research, and what far-reaching things it reveals about where we are. As an artist I felt akin to them, and also to the mystic who appreciates our place in the universe by different means. Somehow, I felt, all knowledge is one, but I wondered how.

Art for me has been a way to diagram and explore thoughts, and I felt a burden lifted from me to be able to give form to this thought. I put an eclipse in front of the light at the center, because no one person, no one culture, no one era sees the whole pattern. ¥

Trudy Myrrh Reagan, or Myrrh, began her art career 31 years ago at Gallery House in Palo Alto. She founded YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology in 1981, and continues to do art using science images and ideas.


The Importance of Lightness

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