A Little Teapot's Message

by Alayne Yellum

Alayne Yellum, Self-Portrait as a Little Teapot #2, oil on canvas, 18"x24", 1998.


My work uses many contrasts which I hope encourage people to think about the meaning of their everyday lives. These images are important to me; they are painted in chiaroscurro so that the viewer will note both the importance of the main image (the teapot) and the depth of the undefined spaces. Our logical mind tells us that the teapot should be heavy as it appears ready to pour its contents (its purpose, after all). However, no hand guides it. It floats, and the cup, which completes its purpose, also appears to float. Only the bird, an expert on lightness down to its very bones, encourages the little teapot on. ¥

Alayne Yellum is a painter who created this artwork especially for this issue. She has been the art director of (detail) for three years.

The Importance of Lightness

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