I Am Web

by Heather Novella Hogan

I am your best friend
Your wet dream
Your babbling brook and your Sunday paper
A vehicle for unification
Limited only by the size of your wire.
I am your personal banker
and your mask from human contact
I can lay your debt onto your virtual neighbor.
I can make you royalty in one Okay .
I am your quick fix
Your call to action
Your MTV Saturday night blowout bash
laced with emoticons and abbreviations
I am the Grateful Dead and the Republican Headquarters
Downloaded completely in 20 seconds.
I am the cancer you fear
and the advice you seek.
I am on when you are off
Endlessly versatile and constantly restrained.
I am your leggy breakfast in bed,
Red haired,blue eyed,
Wanting only you and your hard return.
Intertwined and all encompassing
I am the Holy Trinity
You,Me and our hard drive
I am It and You,
I am She,He,and Us
Ones and Nones,
I am yours to manipulate.
Breathe into Me.

Heather Novella Hogan creates and travels where the god in herself dictates.
You may contact her at:

CyberIsms: Voice, Identity & Communication in the Virtual Realm

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