SBAWCA JURYING and Entry FORM for 2004 AVArt Festival

Jurying Fee Free

SBAWCA Participation Booth Fees $10 due March 12, at time of jurying


To complete registration for Festival and to participate in SBAWCA Booth, each participating SBAWCA member artist must also complete AVA Entry Form and mail with AVA Entry Fees and slides (optional) to AVA by April 23. AVA registration will be available at March 12 and is availble on-line at

If you cannot attend the March 12 SBAWCA event see AVArtFest Application for other jurying time.  Take this form with you to the AVArtFest jurying and send completed form to Dana Eaton.  See address below.


Artist Name __________________________________________________


Street Address _______________________________________________


City ___________________________ State_____________ Zip ________


Phone # ________________________ Email ____________________________


       Yes,I will to participate in the AVArt Fest.  I was juried into AVArtFest in                 .


If previous juried into AVArt Fest please indicate two pieces you plan to show.  You will be contacted as to how many pieces will be accepted, by space available.  Mail form and fee to: Dana Eaton, 843 Hydrangea Ct., Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Make check payable to SBAWCA. 


Title _______________________________________________________


Medium ____________________________________________________


Size ______________________________________________________


Price ______________________________________________________


____ Accepted                            ____ Not Accepted     


Title _______________________________________________________


Medium ____________________________________________________


Size ______________________________________________________


Price ______________________________________________________


____ Accepted                             ____ Not Accepted     



Juror's Signature                                               


Artist Acknowledgement of Festival Requirements


I understand any piece I exhibit in the AVArt Festival is for sale and that AVA will take a 15% commission.  I understand juried art to hang on display at the festival is original and will be framed and ready to hang.  I also understand I am responsible to sign-up for and donate a minimum of 4 hours to SBAWCA Booth the weekend of the festival to either help construct the exhibition tent and display Friday afternoon, hang the exhibit early Saturday morning, sit the booth during public hours Saturday or Sunday, help move art into a secure place Saturday night, and/or help take down the tent(s) and display Sunday.


I understand if the above piece(s) sells, prior to the festival, I can replace it with a piece of same medium and quality for the festival.



Artists Signature ____________________________ Date                



A copy of this form will be returned to you.  Keep it in your files.  It will be your record you have participated in the SBAWCA/AVA jurying and are accepted to exhibit in the AVArt Festival.  You only need to be juried once, per media, to be eligible to participate in the AVArt Festival in subsequent years.