Our History is Our Strength

Diane Cassidy, Helen Golden, Constance Guidotti, Saelon Renkes and Johanna Tesauro
at Foothill College Library, March 1999, as part of the campus celebration in honor of Women's History Month.



Childhood's End, © 1997 Diane Cassidy

The artists selected for this exhibition are all either former or current students of Foothill College's Art Department. Diane Cassidy is one of the continuing students, with a love of learning that has kept her coming back for more classes for many years. Most of her recent work involves digitally reworking and collaging of photographs, as she explores a variety of the themes that run through our lives. Her work often takes one into a landscape with the familiarity of a place we've dreamt of at sometime in the past.


Nude with Apple, © 1997 Saelon Renkes

Saelon Renkes works primarily with photographs, often using nudes to tell stories in a timeless fashion. She is particularly drawn to examinations of the different roles people play, including gender roles, and the different personas we can take on at different times. Her photographs are black and white images which she handpaints with oils to allow her to heighten the emotional flavor of the scene.


The Direction is Arbitrary, © Helen Golden

New technologies have turned Helen Golden into a digital/mixed-media fine artist and hybrid professional photographer who exhibits nationally and internationally and has won awards for her art.

As an artist, a curator, an artist-in-residence, and co-founder of a digital collective, she has made an ongoing effort to educate the public, collectors, and galleries about digital art.

She says that at the core of her being, she is compelled to make art and she endeavors to create work that will engage, provoke and cause the viewer to reflect and wonder about the forces that shape our lives.


I Dreamed I was Andy Warhol in my Maidenform Bra..., ©1997 Johanna Tesauro & Helen Golden

Johanna Tesauro is an experimental photographer residing in Redwood City, California. She received a B.S. in Design from U.C. Davis in 1974, and an A.A. in Studio Art from Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California, in 1994.

In l998, she had a solo exhibit at Canyon Coffee Roastery in Redwood City. Her work was also exhibited at the Fine Art Center in Taos, New Mexico, at the Koret Gallery, Palo Alto, and at SJICA in San Jose. Other exhibitions, in l997, include "Do It" Conceptual Art Show at The Cultural Center in Palo Alto, and "In Support Of Women/The Bra Show" in Santa Rosa at the SoFa Gallery. In 1996, in the Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest, she received an Exhibition Award, and was also shown at Anita Seipp Gallery, Palo Alto, in the show "The Brahaus". In addition, her exhibitions include the Xerox Corporation International Show as well as their Twenty-fifth Anniversary Show, "Women and the Body" at The Works in San Jose, and "Making Women Artists Visible" show in San Juan Bautista at Gallery Tonantzin. She has participated in group shows at, among others, The Photographers Gallery and Anita Seipp Gallery, both in Palo Alto, at Peggy Eriksen Gallery in Half Moon Bay, The Bade Museum in Berkeley, Mills College in Oakland and at Ano Nuevo State Park Visitors Center in Pescadero.


Yemen Wedding - California, © Constance Guidotti

Constance Guidotti is a San Francisco Bay Area artist who resides in Cupertino. She works in mixed media using her own photography as the starting point to her finished work which includes manipulated photography, collage, digital collage and artists books. Her work is often narrative reflecting cultural and gender themes and sometimes includes her own poetry and writing.

Constance finds California weddings to be an interesting subject as they are so diverse and reflect our California culture. She has an ongoing project of documenting weddings from a cultural and artistic point of view.


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