The Archaeology of Being
by Ruth Eckland, Kent Manske, Nanette Wylde
at WORKS/San José, July 1999

The Archaeology of Being, installation view

Three interdisciplinary artists have collaborated to explore the vast subject of existence by creating an interactive environment using image, object, projection, sound and computers. The installation reflects the process of the collaboration itself-- a conscious dialogue from the artists' unique perspectives of their explorations of being in a multi-dimensional world.


The Archaeology of Being, installation view

In a darkened gallery, the visitor navigates through floating objects and projected images in an environment flush with evidence of human experience


The Archaeology of Being, slide projection by Ruth Eckland © 1999

Ruth Eckland's work is about being from a spiritual perspective, engaging the audience on a different plane of being: otherwordly, ephemeral, spacious. Her multimedia projection and sound installations invite viewers to be present in the moment, noticing subtle changes as images dissolve into each other, understanding both the interdependence and the impermanence of existence.

The Archaeology of Being, banner image by Kent Manske © 1999

Kent Manske's work is about being from an internal perspective. He creates visual symbols as instruments to understand and communicate feelings and perceptions. His works are visual narratives, both a dialogue within himself and with the world in which he exists. Mixed media constructions function as conscious maps, providing visual routes for interpreting ideas and making meaning.

The Archaeology of Being, "Who Are You?" video interviews by Nanette Wylde © 1999

Nanette Wylde's work is about being from an external perspective. She explores issues of humanity and socialization: attitudes, belief systems, ways of being in the external world. She samples the realities of people she encounters, recontextualizes the evidence, and presents the residue. Her works often give voice to her audience by asking them to participate in the art experience.


The Archaeology of Being, "Descriptors" randomized text by Nanette Wylde © 1999

The Archaeology of Being integrates these artists' work into a microcosm of existence. The gallery visitor embarks on a journey of discovery, encountering layer upon layer of evidence at different sites of exploration. The accumulated experiences offers viewers the opportunity to mine their own interpretations of the nature of Being.

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